What a package!

Today is a public holiday here in Perth. We're supposed to be celebrating the Queen's Birthday, but to be honest, I've noticed the Queen seems to have various birthdays in EVERY single state and country she presides over and so, I've never actually gone out to celebrate it, except for that jump of joy I do each Friday before the long weekend... but how awesome would it be to have a birthday any day of the week?! Well.. it sure feels like I just did today!

While I was lounging around in bed resting my poor unhealed ankle and contemplating doing a bucketload of washing, my dad called to say there was a package with Chocolate in it waiting for me.. He had read the contents statement on the outside of the parcel, but I was still a bit confused because I hadn't ordered any chocolate and only thought that perhaps some special secret admirer had sent it to me with high hopes of wooing me.. Well, not quite.. but some would say it was an even better non-birthday gift!!

Here's what my fabulous Secret Pal 11 got me (turn your eyes away if you're subject to envy!):

(the whole kaboodle!)

I have always wanted to try KnitPicks since it's not available here in Perth. And I'm so envious that the US have such fabulous yarn at great prices. Sure, we have Bendis, but they seem to have much more of a colour/yarn type selection than us!!

And *drool* i LOVE the colourway of the Memories yarn (above). Reminds me of Autumn.

A copy of Knitscene where I have been eyeing some of the sweaters.. a delightful little notebook (ooh my brother's gf is going to be jealous of the monkies) and a cute little card

Oooh la la... chocolate chocolate and more chocolate (and fondue!!). My poor skin is going to hate me.. but my tummy is going to LOVE me!

Sew-in labels! I'm so excited I want to knit for the whole world!!!

Oh and I also got some lovely soap from Maryland, but it was hard to photograph because it was in its packet.. but smells scrumptious.

Thanks so super much Secret Pal! =D