When is enough ENOUGH?

When is enough ENOUGH?

For the last three hours, I have been trying to unpick the tangled knotted mess that is my lovely Rowanspun 4ply Sludge soon to be Lisette Cardigan (below):

but this is as far as I've gotten:

I blame it all on my nasty dodgy possibly broken Yarn Winder. Remember my yarn winding woes from a week or so ago? Well, I took everything into account and I polymer clayed up my little stick figure yarn tensioner thing and managed to stop it from moving... Alas, when it went to wind, it wasn't winding and moving the yarn up and down as you lovely readers have told me it should do.. it only spun in an oblique direction. Surely that's not supposed to happen right? *right*? (see how it only goes in one direction??)

I'm at wits end... should I throw out the yarn winder and get a brand new winder/swift set, and should I snip up the knotted mess? Lisette requires 8 balls of 4 ply yarn, and I have 10 - more than enough to make the cardigan so I'm thinking i'll just cut my losses and give up on that 20g or so of yarn that is knotted up.. On another note, the yarn cost me a mere $25 AUD shipped from the UK for 10 hanks.. Bargain or not?!

*I am NOT a happy knitter today!*