WIPs and Swatches

My sister is one of my favourite people in the world. She's so selfless, considerate and extremely zany and strange. Last night we decided to have a sisterly sleepout where we watced terrible horror flicks and slept in sleeping bags in the lounge room with every bit of knowingness that we'd regret it the next morning. Sure enough, we both woke up grumpy at about 8am with aches in our backs and shoulders and then promptly went to sleep on more comfortable means.

Unfortunately, I am still not feeling the best and have even come down with a cold, so with that note, i'll just post a few piccies and leave you to it :)

Progress on the Phildar Leaf Sweater. Wearing white pjs make me look like an escapee from a mental asylum, but heck, i'm not feeling well so it'll do :D What's even more interesting is that I'm still on my first ball of yarn, and i'm already up to the "bust" area!!

Swatching for Stella Smith's Bianca Cardigan, from Rowan 38 using my frogged yarn from the RYC Classic Summer Julia sweater:

I started a swatch for Lisette, from Rowan 36 using Rowanspun 4 ply in Sludge. The swatch is making me want to eat dark chocolate with nutty bits in it. Mmm. Luckily I still have some choccies leftover from my Secret Pal package so i think i'll munch on those for comfort food.

Have a great end of weekend :) And for any perthians who haven't yet done so, don't forget to turn your clocks forward. This daylight saving business is making my crook body feel even stranger ;)