FO: Ribbed Lace Bolero

After my disappointing morning in Boulder looking for the LYS, I managed to find the telephone number of the LYS in the directory and discovered that they had moved a few shops down and across the street. How blind I was! So I promptly went back, and bought myself some little wool needles to seam my almost FO's. Here's one of them.... the Ribbed Lace Bolero

Recognise the shot? It appears I've run out of photography ideas with me myself and the camera. If only I had a little tripod or something, then you wouldn't have identical photos all the time to look at !

Project Details:

Pattern: The pattern is Ribbed Lace Bolero, by Kelly Maher, available here

Yarn: Bendigo Woollen Mills, 10 ply Aran in Woodrose. I had originally ordered 3 balls for what was going to be a Phildar sweater, but having changed my mind, I knitted up my little pink vest with 1.5 balls and needed a stash buster. It wasn't as stash busting as I hoped, and I used about 1 ball of yarn with about 0.5 to 2/3 left of yarn.

Needles: I used US 8 and US 10.5 as per the pattern. The pattern shows you how to calculate cast on for your shoulder width based on your gauge, so I just used the required needles.

Comments and Modifications: My shoulder width is 16 inches wide (i think?) + 8 inches for the sleeves and my gauge was 4 per inch. Therefore, I cast on 94 stitches to begin with.

I read the lace pattern wrong and was doing all kinds of funny things, but after re-reading, I finally understood my error.

The pattern is extremely easy to follow, and takes absolutely no time whatsover. I think it took all of 3 days of knitting to finish the knitting part.

My only issue with it is that my sleeves are a little bit loose on my arms. I'm going to seam it a bit higher and hope that works, but otherwise, I will block it and hope it shrinks just a wee little bit. All in all, a very easy free pattern, and great for stash busting!