Sock it to the teevee

With the advent of new series TV, I had thought that my knitting progress would skyrocket through the roof and I'd be pumping out FO after FO.

That has unfortunately not been the case. With all season premieres is that niggling feeling of "what happens now!!". I sat and gaped at the whole George and Issie, Meredith and McDreamy saga on Grey's Anatomy, wondered aloud and giggled at the secrets being kept by the Desperate Housewives, and smirked and delighted in the return of the fabulous Dr. Gregory House... but no knitting. Nope, I was much too interested in what was happening in my pseudo hospital/wisteria lane life that I failed to focus on what was happening in real life.

Despite this however, I have made a little bit of progress on my second pair of socks. Using Silver's Sock Class pattern again (yes, it's FABULOUS for n00bs), I managed to finish one whole sock. It was actually the perfect knitting project for my intense tv watching - what with it being small, portable and full of stockinette! Here's a progress shot:

The yarn that I'm using is Four Seasons Gr√ľndl Hot Socks Multi Jacquard which my SP10 got for me, and I must say that it has been an absolute pleasure working with this yarn. The fabric produced is super warm and mildly thick, but still lightweight enough to not feel like you're wearing a pair of grown up booties. One sock down, one more to go (let's hope I don't get a severe bout of one sock syndrome!)

Besides sock knitting progress, I have completely frogged my WIP Julia sweater. I actually got all the way up to the armhole shaping before deciding that living in the city and working in the mines did not exactly equate well with the lifestyle that is so beautifully portrayed by the RYC Classic Summer English model-on-a-happy-swing-set in the book. Plus, as I have previously eluded to, I was starting to feel that the lacy pattern was a little too "old" for my liking - more frumpy than romantic swingie goodness...

Given that Julia's been frogged, I have now opened up a slot in my sweater WIPs quota! Unfortunately (or fortunately!), I have a rather long ravelry queue and can't for the life of me prioritise what I want to knit. Ohhhhh.. decision making - something that my significant other can surely attest as one skill i don't have :)