Stuck here with nothing to do...

So, I'm here in Kalgoorlie on my third day of doing absolutely nothing, and I am literally doing absolutely nothing. And I don't like it. My bf reckons I'm addicted to being busy, and to work, but really, I just like to keep busy and have the time go by.

Here in kalgoorlie, it is currently 38 degrees celcius (more than 100F by American standards though I'm not quite sure what the actual reading is), and I have no knitting left to do. I finished the knitting parts of both my socks, and the ribbed lace bolero, and only need to block/seam them up - which I haven't been able to do because my little drive to the LYS came up short given that they had relocated - to where, I do not know!

[ Just need to graft the last sock part ]

[ just need to block and seam this - the lace pattern makes the whole thing twist to one side.. hopefully blocking with make it straight again ]

Anyways, because Quan is so busy with his project at the moment, I have to keep myself occupied. I might go to the local Kmart or Target and see if they have any knitting supplies available. Wish me luck! (Otherwise it's going be to a very SLOW three days!)