Could it be?

Could it be? I've actually managed to *almost* knit my second Thermal sleeve?
This friday night footy sure does wonders for thermal knitting...

Getting back into it

As you could probably tell, I haven't been terribly crafty in recents months due to having to move and settle back into city life. One of the more pressing things on my to do list however, has been my assignment submissions which have one after another dominated my free time. I finally handed in my second assignment yesterday, and while I'm not yet done with assignments (have got another one due in three weeks, worth 40% of my total mark eek!), i decided to give myself a well earned break this weekend and get back into crafting.

I went to spotlight yesterday afternoon (approx. 1 hour after submitting my assignment) and picked up some black jacquard for a tulip skirt I'm hoping to start today, some gorgeous black polkadot tulle to use as the skirt part of a dress (somewhere down the track) ...

and some more merino yarn to start on a Phildar long grandpa cardigan...

At the moment, the space I have for crafting is pretty limited given that I'm not in my own house at the moment, so everything's a bit piled up, in boxes and a bit messy.. this was the neatest shot i managed to get ;)

Something beautiful and colourful

Guess what arrived at the door step today?? .. in season, beautiful, and not completely bloomed meaning lots of life and love to be had!

*Grins something silly*

There's a bird on my feet and I like it!

I went to a masquerade ball recently , and in typical me style, I picked out a dress, the matching shoes, and a mask with lots of feathers on it only to change it all four hours before the ball. In the end, I bought a new dress, forgot to bring my mask (doh indeed!) and wore different shoes.

Nonetheless, I do think that the shoes (and mask) deserve a little page on shoeday tuesday. Afterall, it's the one pair of shoes I own that always generates lots of compliments.

Handspun: Magenta Merino/Silk

Amidst the lack of knitting lately, I did do a wee bit of spinning while I watched Geelong almost lose to the Sydney Swans. I started off fairly evenly, but as I squirmed in my chair thinking that Geelong was going to lose, my spinning became a little more haphazard. (ps. for those who don't live in Australia, I am referring to AFL or aussie footy).

Anyways, three skeins lately , I ended up with two at about DK weight, and one fat one at about worsted weight. This was my first time spinning up batts , and also my first time spinning a mix (merino / silk) and I quite enjoyed it . The silk was left unddyed so it came up in little flecks of white . Not quite tweedy, but interesting enough for me :)

I'm thinking I might make a little beanie/beret type hat out of it - as I do like a little bit of colour to brighten up the dull gray days!


Oops. It has almost been one whole month since I last blogged. And what do I have to show for it? Nothing! In the past three weeks, I started my Masters, I started working back in head office, and I also developed an interest in the Twilight series ...

In three weeks, I've knitted maybe 8 rows of the rose shoulder shrug, completed one sleeve on Thermal, and have spun a wee little bit of a merino/silk yarn. That said, there are no photos of my 8 rows (not a lot has changed), I'm so sick of looking at Thermal, and the weather is so bad that my merino/silk yarn in languishing in the rain.

So there.

However, Shoeday Tuesday means shoe photo posting. I have bought about three new pairs of shoes in the last three weeks, but it's rather dark out so I will have to use a photo I already had in my album...

I bought these sparkly green ballet flats when I was in Singapore. They were a bargain at $35, and I love them to death. Yes, they are a bit worn in these photos, but as long as there is such thing as a shoe cobbler, I will do my best to preserve them ;)