Finishing touches

I finally got off my lazy bum and managed to get to the local sewing store to buy some finishings for Rambling Rose. I had in mind some beautiful crystal buttons similar to the ones on my beloved Alannah Hill "Puff the Magic Dragon" Cardi, but they were not to be found.

A little desperate, I picked out a couple of different buttons. Plain red ones, patterned ones, and some pearl ones. Taking them home, the pearl ones made me look about 85 years old and aging, the plain red ones just didnt cut it , and the patterned ones made me look like an old lady gone senile. I finally settled for some pearlised pink ones.

Pink i hear you say? Yeah I know.. my cardigan is red. But I'm hoping that when matched with some pinkie ribbon, it'll look alright. The buttons aren't as pink as in the picture ( a little more mute) but there is a little bit of glitter and pearl in it. And it's two tone, meaning the back of the button is red.

Unfortunately, I didn't count how many buttons I'd need and only bought 6, which happened to be all that was left. Taking it home, I found out I need 8 so I'll have to figure something out.

I'm also handsewing the lovely woven labels my Secret Pal got me for that personal touch:

Besides that, I'm having a bit of a crazy moment in my head, debating whether I should put the roses on or not. You see, they look like gigantic warts. And when I turn to the side, they look like nipples. I'll try and knit smaller roses, but we'll see how it goes!