My report card...

So how did I go on my little goals? Not very good i'm afraid... :S

  • Purchase ball dress? I went everywhere today - I went through Subi and Claremont and nothing :( There were very few dresses which were tagged a size 6 (I think that's a 0 in US sizing?) and those that were commanded a much bigger bust than what I have. And as impulse would have it, I came out from a day of dress shopping with a cute cardigan from Alannah Hill instead. Not very successful. I'll just bring a couple of my dresses down and wear one of those instead.
  • Finish Leaf Sweater: I didn't even knit a single stitch today. No new sweater for Kalgoorlie.
  • Finish assignments : I did do this and I handed both in to my lecturer. I did however do a bit of a half hearted job given that I'm already on quite a high mark, so wasn't too fussed. I do hope that my sloppy work doesn't negate all my other work though.
  • Play in semi final and win: We sure did! It was a hard fought battle, and my ankle got aggravated again so hopefully I'll be okay to wear heels on Friday night.
  • Pack : Nope, still doing that.

I guess I was overly ambitious :S I'll probably be out of action for a few days with the travel arrangements, so i'll catch you sometime early next week :0