WIP: Rambling Rose

Thank you for the help/comments left about my yarn winding problem. I have stuck some clay on my winder hoping it will airdry and make my thin wiry loopy thing stay up. I'm still waiting for it to dry, but fingers crossed!

I had hoped to finish Rambling Rose this weekend, but was sidetracked because my boyfriend came up for the weekend and we went off to see the fabulousssss Snow Patrol concert (Gosh, I love those irish boys!).

I did however manage to sneak in a little knitting and am pleased to say that rambling rose is .. well.. err.. rambling along (haha yes terrible wasn't it?). I have knitted up all the pieces, and am now doing the button bands, roses, and finishing.

I haven't really enjoyed the process of making Rambling Rose so far, in part because it hasn't been the most exciting knitting pattern, and in part because of the yarn. As I have eluded to previously, rambling rose is a whole lot of 1x1 ribbing (15cm worth to be precise), awhole lot of stockinette and a tiny bit of rambling and rosing.

(I couldn't find my pins, so am using scrapbooking pegs to mark my button placements. Cute huh?)

The only other issue I had is with the yarn. Admittedly, I decided to go for a 5ply yarn simply because I didn't like the colour choices that were available in the 4ply cotton at the time.. but I may be regretting it. The yarn itself is from Bendigo Woollen Mills, and I must admit, the crepe construction leaves me a bit wanting.

I don't enjoy knitting with the crepe yarn, and I dont actually think it knits up as nicely as plied yarn. BUt that might just be my imagination. I also wind yarn strangely on my fingers, and the crepe has a tendency to become un-creped, a problem that I don't usually have with plied yarn.

But.. what's done is done, so i'm going to have to forge ahead with the yarn and see how it goes at the end.. which is of course, oh so close!