Time for a sweater

Looking back at my knits, I seem to have cornered myself into one category - cardigans, or some variation of it. There was Cherry, Patti, Rambling Rose, the Capecho (Hybernating) , the embroidered cardi (frogged), and even the Phildar Swing Jacket was somewhat cardigan-ish in design and makeup.

It's time for a change!! .. of course, it'll only be a small change. I'm still not convinced with knitted skirts, knitted pants (eww), and accessories are more filler projects than anything. So , it's time for pullovers. I started knitting the Phildar Leaf Sweater, which I had attempted previously but frogged after feeling as if I was knitting a sweater inside out. But, this time round, I think i've overcome the fear of reverse stockinette and made a bit more progress:

The leaf pattern is coming up nicely and well-defined. I've also started this in the round because I wanted to avoid those "lines" you get when you have uneven tension. The only downside to this is that every row is a purl row, which can cause strain on fingers and is rather slow going, but i'm hoping the finished object will make up for it... and so far, there haven't been any dreaded lines showing up.

On another note, I got two little cards from my Secret Pal over the last two days. One - a Halloween card, and the other a postcard for Philly. We don't really celebrate Halloween here in Australia, so it's great to be in on the fun for once! Thanks Secret Pal!