Rambling Rose Progress

I was looking over the past few posts and noticed that there wasn't actually anything on *my* knitting, only things on books and magazines and more drool worthy knits. So , just a little progress shot on Rambling Rose Cardigan by Martin Storey (Rowan #39).

I confess, I bought this particular Rowan magazine just for the Rambling Rose Cardigan. I figured the cost of buying the magazine just for one cardigan would even out if I made say... 3 of these cardigans. Afterall , this particular cardigan reminds me very much of one of my favourite designers, Alannah Hill - very whimsical, very girly, and very lovely.

Unfortunately, I don't think that justification is going to come (but we are still in early stages). I have completed the back, and am now about 1/3 through the front left where the roses will go. And I must admit, I hate bobbles. I think they will definitely add a touch to the cardigan, but actually making the bobbles is driving me insane - all those k,p,k,p,k into one stitch and then back again. It's not very fun :(

But anyways, above is a progress shot of where i'm at. The vine and edging is a bit knobbly, but i'm hoping when I attach the button band it'll fix itself. Anyways, not much else being knitted at the moment - these knits requiring small gauges are taking their sweet time.



6:11 AM, September 11, 2007

Wow, it looks great! I hope you can get over your hatred of bobbles!