Klumsy Klutz

I am what people often call a "klumsy klutz". I have a tendency to fall down when i'm just standing up straight, I have a tendency to fall both up and down the flight of stairs in my house.. I have a tendency to walk with my boyfriend and then stack it only to be "saved" because I was holding his hand.

Right now, I'm at home in bed because I sprained my ankle really badly last night at netball. I had sprained my ankle before but it was never this sore or this swollen, or this debilitating. I had always been able to get up, hobble out of bed and get to work. But not this time. :( I can hardly move my ankle even when I'm sleeping without it hurting!!

So, i'm working from home today.

In knitting news, I am itching for a new project. Julia and Rambling Rose are still coming along, but knitting with fingering weight yarn is going uber slowly. There are no pretty 'progress' photos to show because progress on fingering weight is only 2 inches a day!! So.. looking at some of the other projects available, I have a keen eye for :

Drops GarnStudio Sweater:

I was considering knitting both of them in Mystique Express 16ply which is currently on sale for $12.00 instead of $16.00 a ball!

Oh, and I'm not usually a sock knitter, but I absolutely adore these!!

Anyways, besides working from home today, I am off to hire my crutches. I don't want to be bed-bound for the next week or so, so crutches is a definite must for someone as active as me :) Have a great day :)



10:06 AM, September 13, 2007

Love both the cardigans, but I've always been hesitant about bulky weight knits on my body shape. Bulky me + bulky knits = extra bulk?


7:24 AM, September 14, 2007

I hope your ankle heals quickly!

At least you can still knit! :)


10:23 PM, September 17, 2007

feel better!! ~SP11~