Socks Part II

Maybe it's the fact that I'm on crutches at the moment and all I'm doing is concentrating on my feet. Maybe it's the fact that my trusty "first socks" were the only pair of really colourful socks that I had in my wardrobe, that were actually suitable for hobbling around in my office (except of course, that nice pair of Little Miss Naughty socks I have). Or maybe it's the fact that knitting two sweaters (one which is predominantly stockinette) on fingering weight yarn is neither fun nor fast.

But, I've had to start myself another sock. Yes, after the "first sock encounter" I had vowed never to knit a pair again. Done, ticked, moving on was my mantra. But, my fabulous Secret Pal 10 had bought me one more skein of sock yarn, so it was a perfect way to start something from my stash without needing to go to the LYS (not convenient when on crutches).

I've started them on Hot Socks Four Season Jacquard yarn, on 3.25mm dpns. I'm still refusing to be a "sock knitter" just because I never found it practical to put so much effort and time into something so basic and so available, so it'll be a project on the side ;)

Also, I've finished the body part of my Rambling Rose Cardi and only have two sleeves, and the finishing to do. I'm hoping we'll have an FO by next week ;) *woot*