New jobs and new experiences

I don't really have any exciting knitting news, but I do have some news which is at least exciting for me! After about 2 months of lots of stress, I have been offered two new jobs plus a counteroffer/opportunity within my own organisation to take a transfer.

Company 1 offered me a Perth based role, with the opportunity to visit sites as required. The package was not so great, so I turned it down.

Company 2 offered my a Fly In / Fly Out role, with the opportunity to rotate sites if I don't like where I am. The package was FANTASTIC to say the least, and at this stage, the one I am likely to tick off on.

Company 3 (mine) offered to transfer me to the same town as my significant other, with the opportunity to fly back to Perth fully paid as often as required. Very tempting and the subject of some serious thought but I think company 2 might just pip the post.

I'm awfully excited because it will mean I will eventually get to work on site (some might go 'why on earth would you do that') , and it will also mean that with all offers, I have the opportunity to spend more time with my significant other. At this point in both our careers and lives, I think that's just what we need.

Anyways, the news is probably only very exciting to me, but I thought i'd share anyways.

On the knitting front, Rambling Rose is coming along nicely. I have finished the back and am starting the left front where the roses will be. The product so far however does not make for exciting photography - 15cm of 1x1 ribbing and all stockinette. So, when I have something more exciting, I'll put them up.