Odd wishes

When I was younger and started to reach puberty, I would make weird wishes such as "i hope my chest doesnt grow any faster" because it was just a weird thing to have. As a uni student with little more than a B cup, I used to wish that it WOULD grow faster hahah..

Last night, i tried on my leaf-tie cardi and while it fit me all around, there was something just amiss about it. Running to find my sister, I asked her what was wrong with it and without a second's thought, she proclaimed "you just dont have a chest for it" .. to which I realized she was more than right.

I think that's why i've never really been a fan of cardis like the leaf-tie cardi. Not because I didnt like the way they looked, but because everytime I put one on, it just didnt look like the model with her ample chest in the photos.

Oh well. This is what's left of my leaf-tie cardi.

My sister has been quite pleased that she no longer has to help me wind my knits into balls, but she did say that she missed the quality sisterly bonding we did over 2 hours of winding skeins. So maybe next time I frog (hopefully not anytime soon) ill make her wind the balls ;)

Anyways, having frogged leaf-tie cardi means I can start on something else without feeling guilty! While I'm still working on my socks and my Phildar Swing Jacket, I am thinking of doing Rambling Rose from Rowan 39, Big Button Bolero from Phildar, Provincial Waistcoat from IK Winter 06 or Patti from Rowan Studio.

I suppose I could start on the Waistcoat or Bolero as I have yarn for it.. but oh, Rambling Rose and Patti are certainly calling me ;)

Anyways, I have my first kickboxing class now.. gotta run!



3:02 PM, May 26, 2007

It is good to frog it if you don't satisfy with the outcome and don't waste the yarn.


6:30 PM, June 01, 2007

third parcel is on its way to you - sp10


4:09 PM, June 06, 2007

Oh I feel your pain. At least you have a B cup! I work in a boutique and get to try on loads of clothes, but my poor little A's make so many of the pretty dresses look, umm, deflated. I'm sure you'll find an amazing way to reuse the yarn.


12:18 PM, June 07, 2007

I don't feel your pain at all. I don't know if they make clothes for busty women over there in Aussie land, but here in the US, nothing seems to fit over a B cup. Which means my DD's are constantly straining my shirts. I wouldn't reduce them, I think the world should just conform to me. Or at least my boobs. hee hee.

I'll be bookmarkin ya.