The boy with the sweet intentions

There are certain qualities in guys that I love - besides the British accent which I alluded to in my meme post (and which unfortunately my dear significant other doesn't have), I also love a guy who can dance (bonus points to my boy there) and a guy who puts lots of thought into being creative about presents for a girl (lotsa points there for my bf).

The other day, a good friend of mine was looking for something to get his girlfriend's birthday, and came up with the sweet idea of knitting her a scarf. Now, my friend is a big bloke - 2 metres tall and very well built. He is not what people would imagine a knitter to look like. But yesterday, armed with a little bit of shyness and a little bit of hesitation, we headed out to the LYS and he fondled all the wool and fell in love with beautiful silk/cashmere blends (yes, the boy has fantastic taste) but in the end, with the birthday looming in just 7 days, we decided on a bulky yarn to be knit on 10mm needles.

After 15 minutes of teaching him the knit stitch, he's got it downpat. I'm really looking forward to seeing the finished product (which I will , because I haven't taught him how to cast off yet, so will need to do that) and seeing Michelle's reaction to the gesture. Even if the scarf doesn't turn out perfect, the thought and effort he's gone through to learn the technique and devote hours per day is enough for a big hug and kiss!

In my knitting world, I've been inundated with work and assignments (2 down, 1 left to go for the semester) but have managed to score a little me time over this long weekend in between friends' birthday and teaching friends to knit..

I have made some progress on the Phildar Swing Jacket, of which the first sleeve is almost done. I just realized this has probably been one of the longest WIP i've ever had - with almost 6 months devoted to the project!

In anticipation of finishing, I also picked up some bias binding for the edging. I was thinking of going mature and natural with the dark grey binding or taking inspiration from the girlie parisian original model and going with the lilac colour.. Oooh decisions decisions! =D