Ode to television

Secret Pal 10 today asked us what our favourite thing to do while knitting was? Me? I'm easy. I like to knit while watching television .. it's that easy relaxing joyful thing to do where you get two things done at once!! *perfect*

However, given that I am on site on occasion, or travelling to some rural town to check out a minesite, or that I have things on after work three times a week, I rarely get the time to plonk myself in front of a tv at said time and watch it.

Nope. I must admit. I'm a little bit of a pirate. I ADORE my torrent websites. I make sure I build up my little tv collection for the week so that when the weekend comes and if I've got nothing on, then I indulge in a feast of drama episodes, lots of gluttony and lots of knitting.

On my list is Desperate Housewives (available Mondays), Prison Break (available Mondays), Grey's Anatomy (my utter favourite and available Fridays), One Tree Hill (available Thursdays), Heroes (available when Alvin passses it on to us) and whatever Korean Drama Series i'm watching at the moment.

I'm a tv whore. Making sure I get each of those episodes allows me 6 hours of fabulous tv drama, and 6 hours of bummy knitting.

And the best of all? When the characters on the tv show knits with you (although.. I dont really think that's going to happen with Prison Break).. ! It's like pseudo living in their world! *hangs head in shame*