So many knits, so little time...

At dinner last night, the girls and I lamented at how we've forgone our nights of hitting the bars or pubs to days spent curled up in pj's in front of the tv or with a good book, and how we don't miss those bar nights at all. I suppose that's a side effect of the very busy lives that we all lead now - everyone with their full time jobs (no more uni student days!!); Jess, Shaz and I with our long distance / off shore partners; and just the grind of everyday life.

For me, time is a precious thing. I spend a lot of time not only working, but also completing my post-grad course, as well as travelling for work (which inevitably results in me being tired FROM travelling), i play team sports a few nights each week, and somewhere in between, I try to find the time to fly out to see the boy (or vice versa) and find time for myself.

And so, looking at my knitting pile and my list of "things i want to knit", I'm a little disheartened at my slow progress. Here's a look at what's on my WIPs list:

Vogue Knitting / Norah Gauhan Capecho
This is the famous Capecho which was knitted with so much passion by so many people, but I have yet to see a single capecho that isn't ill-fitting or weirdly shaped. I started this project a little later than some of the other KAL-ers, and so was able to see how they were progressing.

Unfortunately for me though, the sight of all these ill-fitting capechos meant that my own was put on hold - it's still a WIP because I'm not sure I want to frog it (that in itself will be painstaking as each hexagon will need to be unfrogged), and because I still have a wincy little bit of hope that it might turn out okay.
Silver's Sock Class - First Socks
I started this about a month ago, and i'm about to finish my first sock. It's a great little portable knit that I'm able to pick up and put down very easily, and I'm really looking forward to finishing this!
Phildar Swing Jacket

Ahh, the famous swing jacket. I started my first swing jacket at the start of the year, and like many others at the KAL, had to restart the project a few times. I think this is my fourth attempt, and my first with another yarn. Everything seems to be going well this time round - the texture is there, the knitting is even. It just takes a lot of work, but I'm still hoping to finish it by July in time for the cold months.

Stefanie Japel's Fitted Knits Leaf Cardigan

I only started this one a few weeks ago, and am almost done. I picked out a grey because it was the only wearable colour that was available in this little country town LYS that I resorted to while visiting the boy. I'm not sure how wearable the grey is given I love colours, but it's been an easy knit and I should be finished shortly.

And on other knitting news.. guess what i've treated myself to? A set of Denis Interchangeable needles. I picked these up for $AUD80 which I thought was reasonable, and I've tested one out and am amazed at how light and smooth they are! I bought these because so many projects now require circular needles and given that I haven't many, thought it was a much better investment.



6:14 PM, May 22, 2007

Your wips look a little like mine. So much to knit, so few hours in the day! I know exactly what you mean about swapping nights out for nights in knitting in pjs! Hope you don't mind...I have tagged you!


12:34 PM, November 11, 2008

Thanks for writing this.