ooooh a new book!

I got my second secretpal pressie today - the fabulous "Fitted Knits" book by Glampyre..
I've been eyeing this book since before I went to Nepal but kept putting it on hold because of a myriad of silly excuses.. but.. it's in my greedy lil hands and there's quite a few projects I want to make :
Thank you once again Secret Pal! =D It's fantastic that you're so attuned to what I like!

Despite my excitement over my new book, unfortunately (or fortunately) for me, my list of "wants" is piling up so fast I haven't made a single FO in recent times! One of my new years' resolution was to have only 3 WIPs. Oh I failed miserably. So, here's a new resolution : only start a new project when one of the ones on the right are done. Shouldnt be too bad right??

Anyways, I will be on site for the next few days. Unfortunately, when I travel for work, I dont tend to do any knitting whatsoever - super early starts and 6am flights out to remote site locations, then staying in accommodation dominated by a 90%-10% male to female ratio and then flights out after exhausting 12 hour days does not equal good knitting time... but not too worry, at least i'll have plenty to keep me occupied for the time to come!



12:50 PM, May 16, 2007

yay - I am so glad you like it ;)
your secret pal


9:00 PM, May 19, 2007

Hey thanks for the link. I have not finished mine yet but I am up to the finishing - currently working on the button band. I was worried how the pleats are going to sit so great to see someone has found a solution in case they come out weird. Will post pics as soon as I have them