Yarn and tiny knitting

I'm not much of a stasher. In fact, knitters may look at my little shelf and wonder whether I even knit. There's a few packets of yarn where the selected yarn wasn't successful in its desired project, and a few oddballs, but besides that, I don't really stash.

In fact, I often only buy yarn when I need to. When I finished Patti, I had nothing to knit. I was itching to go to my SnB on Monday night, but without anything in my hands, I felt a bit useless.

Anyways, it has since arrived, and I can start knitting again!

[ Cranberry coloured yarn from Rambling Rose, Rowan 39]

While I usually knit projects on at least DK weight, my next two projects are all in finger weight yarn so it'll be interesting ;) I can already see the menace that 15cm of 1x1 ribbing will do on my hands. Regardless, I'm excited because I think the next two projects will be dreamy romantic types!

[ Bendigo Woollen Mills Baby Wool 4ply in Lilac for Julia sweater below]

[ Julia Sweater from Rowan Classic Summer]

In other news, I'm feeling better but I definitely don't sound better or look any better. I do however, have the snuffles but given that the weekend is so precious, I'm not going to resign myself to bed. I'm off to Ikea and Lunch with my bestie, and hope you have a great day ;)



10:44 AM, August 19, 2007

I have Rambling Rose on my list as well, but I am worried about the fine line between vintage romance and granny chic. I will wait and see how yours goes.