Age and knitting

There are some patterns that I just look at and go "ooh too old for me" and then swiftly put them away. This is not one of them. There is afterall, a difference between a vintage looking sweater (which I originally thought Julia could become - vintagey and romantic) and then there is "old".

You see, I have made some progress on Martin Storey's Julia Sweater (as above) and while the little leaf lace type pattern has been very interesting to knit, I'm getting a little unsure about the overall look of the pattern, and whether a sweater made completely of little leaf lace types would look too old for me ? As I continue to knit, I'm feeling more and more aged, more and more older... and less and less romantic and vintage.

Always up for a second opinion, I put my knitting out in front of my bf (who has the pleasure of looking at my little knitting progress on his weeks back here) and asked "does this look like a granny sweater??" and he smiled not so politely (more like a cackled grin) and then told me "it looks like something my grandma would make".

A little disheartened, I put it aside... but something in me is ticking. It's telling me to continue knitting ... I did afterall, like the original sweater so there must be some light at the end of the tunnel! Right?! Right?!

Oh, and I didn't manage to finish my assignment in time. I am not sure if I'm writing too much, but it's ballooned to a 50 page assignment so far ..!? Anyways, I've got three more 3 case studies to examine , and I'll be glad to be able to do some more relaxing things!!



10:39 AM, August 25, 2007

The lace leaf pattern is beautiful. Go ahead and I don't think it looks old to you.