Tweedy goodness makes me happy

I've always hated garter stitch. The mundaneness of doing a never ending knit stitch, the resulting fabric texture that's made, and the fact that it seems to take double the time of doing a normal stockinette stitch. Anything with garter? Pass please!

But that was all before tweed came along. I've never knitted anything in a tweed yarn before, but as I have been progressing along with Patti, my love for tweedy garter stitch has developed. It's something about the texture of tweed that makes the garter stitch so much more exciting, it's something about the way the little slubs pop up and give character and life to the stitches, and it's something about the quirkiness of knitting with unexpected slubs and the perfection of straight stitches that garter stitch demands.

Oh i love thee!

But back onto Patti - she's almost done. I have done most of the finishing, and just have to weave in the ends and solve my "what to do" problem with the pleats.

You see, the pleats don't behave. They're unruly, they're wild, and they never went to sit in the spot you gave them. They're almost like those two naughty kids in primary school that always had to be separated, but they'd always find a way to wreak havoc on class.. but i digress.

I have looked at some other finished Pattis and seen that people have sewn them down, have decided to block it every time they want to wear it (this is not one of my options. I'm far too lazy for that), and have put in little catches here and there.

So anyways, i'll have a play, and hopefully there will be an official FO post shortly :D



8:12 PM, August 11, 2007

Not sure if I mentioned this to you before but I stitched mine down. I attached the back two layers together so the top layer is still free. The stitching runs in a line about 1 inch in from the pleat's centre on both side. So there is still some opening up but it's not wild like the design. No wonder the model is jumping around in the photos, otherwise you'd see the jacket always looks unruly!


10:42 AM, August 12, 2007

The tweed colour is nice and you knit very well. The tweed is well suitable for the garter stitches. I agree with what "knitannie" has said, try it and it will work. Hope to see you model this Patti.


3:26 PM, August 12, 2007

can't wait to see it on!


8:32 PM, August 12, 2007

Very very cute.!!!!