Coming down with something...

I know that a lot of knitters actually enjoy getting sick, because it means they can stay in their snuggly bed, tissues on one side, needles in hand and pattern on bed and just knit knit knit for hours on end undisturbed and feeling unguilty.

I have to admit, i've been tempted every now and then to call in sick just so I can finish that little pattern i'm working on that is oh so close!

Well, I'm coming down with something. The watery eyes, the crooked throat, the sluggish energy. Sigh. I suppose it's about time I came down with something since I haven't been sick this year (well, let's not count that bout in hospital.. that was an infection not an illness haha).

While I would've felt a little better knowing that I could spend the next few days in bed knitting, unfortunately I can't. I'm going underground the next two days for work so I won't be able to. Instead, I'm likely to get more sick because of the humidity and the constant travel between airports and several hour drives between locations.

How fun.

So anyways, thought I'd let you know I'm likely to be out of action for awhile because of this. Have fun in the meantime =D



5:11 PM, August 16, 2007

Well I'm going to hope you'll only have to fake a cold. How wintery is it there right now? It's over 110 where I am at.


1:19 AM, August 18, 2007

I hope you feel better. I've had a terrible terrible head cold all week and it's actually cut down on my knitting time. ugh!


4:51 AM, August 21, 2007

:( feel better soon!