Three yarns i'm dying to get my hands on...

Aww... secretpal 10 is coming to a close :( I've had fun on this one! It was actually my first, but it's been fabulous.

My spoiler has been miss fee - go and say hello :)

I have outed myself to my spoilee but i'm not sure if she's got my final package yet so that's still hush-hush.

Anyways, the last SP10 contest is 3 yarns i'm dying to get my hands on. Here we are:

Tilli Tomas Salt and Pepper - Silk and glass beads. How divine is that!! Unfortunately, at more than $50 a pop, I just can't justify anything that luxurious!

Rowan felted tweed - for a lot of people, this is one of their staples. I have yet to try it, but my lovely boyfriend has agreed to buy me a little to fondle :) I suppose I just want to know why it's such a loved yarn!
Malabrigo Angora because I love the softness of angora, because I haven't seen any malabrigo here in Perth, and it comes in over 100 colours!! Ohhhhh colour heaven!



7:33 AM, June 22, 2007

Your SP10 recipient here. Thanks so much for the final package! The books will keep me entertained for hours (I've been planning on making the saddle shoulder jumper from Knitting w/o Tears for my husband but have not got around to getting the book) and the Bonsai yarn is really interesting and surprisingly soft. The Pocky sticks are almost gone I'm afraid. Thanks again!