*I am not a sock knitter * I am not a sock knitter * I am not a sock knitter*

*I am not a sock knitter * I am not a sock knitter * I am not a sock knitter*

.. That's what I keep telling myself :p To be honest, I never understood the sock knitting craze. I just don't understand why people spend hours knitting a pair of socks from yarn that costs more than a few pair of socks when I could go down to my local department store, pay $5.00 and walk out with a pair of comfy socks to be desire in 10 minutes.

.. But, I have always wanted to learn to knit with dpns, and when my secretpal gifted a little sock kit, it was my perfect chance to learn both the art of dpns, and the art of socking.

.. and you know what? I kinda enjoyed the experience :0 It was a relatively quick knit compared to all the sweaters I normally do, and I learnt a whole lot of skills. So here's a look at my FO.

Project Details:

Pattern: Silver's Sock Class

Yarn: Lana Grossa Sock Yarn

Needles: Umm I forget - I think they're 3.75mm dpn's - set of four.

Comments: For anyone who has yet to tackle socks, I would definitely recommend Silver's Sock Class. With fantastic photos and very clear step by step instructions, she guides you through the whole process from start to finish and explains everything in exquisite detail.

I didn't make any modifications - well to be honest, I probably have no idea how to make mods on socks.

The whole thing took me approximately 6 weeks, starting at the end of April. I haven't however been exclusive and after I finished the first sock, I went on a one sock syndrome phase. I did however, pick up the second sock on Saturday and today is Wednesday, and I have finished the second one.

The one thing I would like to do better is probably to make sure I start at the right point in the colour change so that my sock actually matches. Besides that, I'm quite pleased with my first sock attempt :)



11:04 AM, June 14, 2007

Same as you. When I have finished one, I start the second one. The socks knitted by the worldwide bloggers really inspirit me. I knit socks just for home wear at winter time. You know, it is so hot to wear sock in summer time at HK.


11:45 AM, June 14, 2007

you are a sock knitter and I am your enabler- yipee