Patience is a virtue

I've never been a patient person. As a child, I was what some people might consider "spoilt". My parents gave me most of whatever I wanted, and if I didnt' get it, I often threw a tantrum (yes, a horrid child I was). Even in my post-childhood days (I'm 23 now), I was often spoilt by people around me.

And so, through this childhood and post-childhood, I became a somewhat impatient, impulsive person. If I want something, I often don't give it a seconds thought even if it's a substantial purchase. I've never been one to follow that rule "if i still think about it next week, it means I definitely want it" no matter how hard I've tried. If i am thinking about it 1 hour later, I often go back and purchase whatever it is.

And so, when I got home this afternoon, I found a little parcel from the UK. While it was addressed to me, it's actually for my secret pal and I'm patiently awaiting other items to come in from all over. But next to it was something that sent my heart a flutter. It was a little Australia Post slip saying I wasn't home and missed out on another parcel.
My mind is racing - what could it be? Could it be my eagerly anticipated Jimmy Beans Wool order, or could it be my final secret pal parcel as advised by my SP? *flutter*flutter*

Unfortunately for me, I wont be home till late tomorrow. I have a shocking flight/travel schedule:
  • 0615 : Check in to flight
  • 0700 : Flight departs and lands at 0820
  • 0900 : Charter Flight to Port, Foreshore Re-Development, Oakajee, and Southern Transport Corridor
  • 1020 : Port Authority Presentation and Tour
  • 1200 : Lunch at Port Authority Boardroom
  • 1245 : Bus tour of Mid West
  • 1315 : Charter Flight to Dongara Oil and Gas Areas, Morawa, Kooloonooka, Karara
  • 1510 : Bus tour to Geraldton Airport
  • 1700 : Flight back to Perth

I've asked my brother to pick up the parcel for me, but I know i'm going to be too tired to play with it :(

In other news, Bendigo sent me a shadecard of their new yarn "Boutique".. OOOH it's gorgeous!



6:59 AM, June 08, 2007

I am impatient too - wondering if you got the parcel yet and if you like it?


3:59 PM, June 09, 2007

Oh, I hate that when you miss a parcel being delivered! I am THE most impatient person too, it drives me crazy. Hope you have got it by now and it's all lovely stuff!


11:29 PM, June 09, 2007

Missing packages breaks my heart! I hope you have it by know. Happy Saturday!