Thank you secret pal!

After a rather long day at work today (it is my last day before I go on holidays and so my mind was not in work mode), I came home to a little package waiting for me...

It was from my Secret Pal!! And guess what I got!?? A sock knitting kit!!! Just what I need to tackle that elusive sock, and to master that dpn obstacle that has been in my way for ages!!!

I got
- Lana Grossa sock yarn
- Knitting notebook
- two sets of dpn's
- a cute little windup butterfly
- sock instructions
- and those gorgeous little jumper holders that I blogged about earlier!!

I want to post pics, but my camera is being charged up for my holiday..! :(

Unfortunately I can't start just yet - am off to Nepal tomorrow morning... buttttttttttttt my knitting group has asked if I could please take a photo of myself knitting at Everest Base Camp, so perhaps I'll be taking my knitting with me?? (have to find room for it in my overly stuffed backpack though).

Anyways, thank you so much Secret Pal!! It's Perfect!



7:04 AM, March 29, 2007

so please you liked it. already started planning package #2.


3:16 PM, March 29, 2007

I think it is fun to go to Nepal although I haven't been there. Have a happy journey.


1:55 PM, April 19, 2007

hope your trip is going well
- missing your posts whilst you are away
your secret gifter