My dream of hospitalization dashed

For the last few days, I have been rather sick and have had to even spend a bout in hospital. Previous to this, the only time I had ever stayed in hospital was when I was a wee bub and was hospitalized for eating too many lychees. Almost 15 years later, I had to spend some time at Sir Charles Gairdner, where I was being treated for a virus/infection in my colorectal area. Basically, I spent my time nauseous, vomiting, and passing out blood.

For the last 15 years, I had always thought it would be great for me to go to hospital. I wanted to have a nice little room, to have lots of visitors, lots of cards, flowers and bears, and lots of little gifts. Nope. I hated it. I spent all my time on my back, and when I was cold, the nurses wouldnt let me have extra blankets (I was running a bit of a fever, so they said it was so that I could cool down). I did gets lots of messages and lovely thoughts, but it just didnt feel the same as what I had imagined hospitals to be like. It was really boring more than anything.

Finally, I decided to pretend I was getting better. I told them I wasn't hungry (i was STARVING but the thought of waiting more hours for food just deterred me), I told them I could get up and about (despite the fact that each time I got back, I almost blacked out), and that I had no nausea or pains left (eek lie). Eventually I got discharged, only to be bedridden again at home because I was so iv-ed and doped up I couldnt do anything at home. *sigh*.

So all i've done in the past few hours since I woke up is surf the net to find new inspirations. ANd what did I find?

Phildar Cute Cardigan from Spring's Collections Magazine. Too bad it's the ONLY pattern I like in the entire magazine

Phildar cute bolero from Phildar Spring Tendances Magazine. Once again, one of only 3 patterns I like in the entire magazine.

Oh, and I have discovered that The Wool Shack is now stocking Cascade 220. While I have never knit with this stuff, i think the colours are just beautiful!! My buying of knitting things is on hold though, as I am going to Nepal in one point five weeks, so anything I buy will just be stashed away anyways - so rather than get impatient about knitting with my new goodies, I'd rather just wait till I get back :)