My favourite accessory

SP10's latest contest is a blog post about your favourite accessory. Gee, I got stumped looking at my knitting accessories. Besides the requisite row counter, stitch markers, needles and cable holders, I dont actually *have* any accessories. Is that a bad thing? Should I have some? I've always figured that as long as I have the necessary yarns, basics, and pattern, then i'd be fine. But I had a look around and noticed some people really love their accessories!!

[ sheep tape measure - just because they're oh so cute!! ]

So, unable to do a post on my favourite accessory, I thought i'd do a post on what I love but have never bought - mostly because I just didn't need it. Anyways, when I want things I dont "need", my sister, my boyfriend, or someone else will treat me to it. I guess I dont mind spending on things that I need and can use, but accessories are just something i figured I could do without. I'd rather spend it on some yummy yarns or patterns instead!

[im a big fan of clover accessories. I love the big plastic look - so cute and funky. This one I like because it's really easy to use. Currently, my row counter requires me to physically spin a few little wheel things.. this one just goes "click!" ]

So, here this post is just about what I've stumbled across before and have loved.

[ Namaste knitting needle vases. I love the colours, but at $45 a pop, I could go down to Ikea and buy something for 3/4 off that price :P ]

[ clover dpn holders. They're shaped like jumpers! so whimsical - too bad I dont know how to knit with dpns. haha i have one pair, but my feeble attempt at knitting with them was disastrous. I will however, conquer it this year!]


  Montreal Mama

1:30 PM, March 21, 2007

I love those vases, I've been trying to figure out what to do with my needles! Maybe I should check out ikea for something cheaper!

I love love that sheep pic, I have that measuring tape - got it as a gift. But love the pic!

Great post!


10:39 AM, March 24, 2007

cute tape measure and love the little jumpers - great hints for your secret pal.......