Alive and (almost) knitting!

*Phew* It has been a rather crazy three weeks. Nepal was a fantastic, albeit very very tiring, trip (I refrain from using the word "holiday" because it wasn't really one hehe).

The trip officially started in kathmandu, where the scenes of chaos, dirt and poverty sent me into culture shock for a day or so and the occasional thoughts of "I want to go home". However, once we left the city, the views to Everest Base Camp were second to none and the 10 other individuals that were in my trekking group turned out to be absolutely amazing each in their own ways.

[ On our way up to Everest Base Camp]

The journey to Base Camp was physically and mentally draining (moreso mentally I think), with very early starts, 6-8 hour treks per day, and the constant battle with the ever increasing altitude. Luckily for me, I didnt suffer from altitude sickness although I did end up with a cold/flu which severely hampered my ability to breath the already thin air.

[After 9 hours on Day 10, we made it to Everest Base Camp. Those forced smiles on our faces hide the extent of our exhaustion and for some, the effects of altitude sickness. There are 3 people missing from this photo. Although they made it to Base Camp, they couldn't stay because they were so affected by altitude sickness, staying up there would have only made it worse.]

10 days without hot running showers also meant that we all had to live outside our comfort zones, as did the lack of water, lack of heat, lack of electricity, and of course, the lack of my now very beloved western style sit down toilets.

All in all, a fantastic experience and one that I am glad to have done at a young age. However, in all honesty, a trip that I probably won't repeat (although I might be inclined to do the Annapurna Circuit).

Anyways, coming back home, I attempted to pick up my knitting only to forget where I was up to and what I was doing. So, instead of fuddling my mind up with details, I've decided to tackle the dpns and the mini socks that my SP10 got me. But looking at the yarn and touching it makes me want to refrain from my "attempt" (which I'm hoping wont end in failure, ruined yarn, and dispair !!!) because it's so soft and the colours are just perfect.

Besides knitting, another thing I haven't done for ages is cupcake baking which is something I'd LOVE to do today (Maybe I can bake them for Jess' Birthday tomorrow?). Chockylit's Cherry Vanilla Cupcakes look delish.

But who knows? Perhaps everything has to be put on hold until another weekend. I unfortunately neglected my Law assignment due yesterday while I was away (I promise that I DID bring it up though, just didnt get a chance to do anything on it). Long day it is :(



4:04 PM, April 21, 2007

What a fantastic experience !! yes, it must be done when you are still young. Congrat that you have done it.


9:08 AM, April 26, 2007

WOW - I'm so impressed, it must have been an amazing experience!