One for me, one for you

I spoke too soon. I couldn't hold off buying yarn till end of April (when I get back from Nepal), so on my way back from the library, I stopped off to get some yarn for myself, and for my secret pal whose having her birthday this coming week.

For me, I bought myself some Naturally New Zealand 100% pure wool , which comes in big 200gm hanks or a very generous 350 metres of wool. It's not the softest wool, but I decided that I needed to restart my Phildar Swing Jacket, and this seemed perfect for the job. It does have that fresh farm smell though - but I don't mind it too much!

Naomi, my brother's gf, had a fun time being my swift. She had been eyeing my yarn winder for some time and always wanted to see it in action, so when I got home, she immediately volunteered to be my swift while i winded it up into cute little dumplings. 2 hanks down, just 1 more to go.

And for my secret pal? I got her some yarn , and will also be getting her other goodies. This is my first secret pal so im more than excited about spoiling her!


  Montreal Mama

8:37 AM, March 20, 2007

So jealous that you're going to Nepal. Take pictures and post them okay???

Hugs, your Sp10 Hostess Robyn