Plodding along

I'm still here - though my knitting has slowed down tremendously due to the silly season. My nights, mornings, days are spent at corporate end of year functions, doing the good thing by my company and schmoozing and schnoozing where I can..

So for knitting progress? It's plodding... I have almost finished Jess , and she is at the moment seamed and being blocked... and I just need to find some buttons and crochet covers for them (eek.. i've never crocheted before!). Unfortunately, my blocking setup looks a lot like a christmas ad, so the photo turned out a little harsh to look at :

For my birthday which was last week, my sister also ordered for me some yarns from Bendigo Woollen Mills.. It was my first order from there and I was pleasantly surprised by the huge 200gm balls... ! hehe it's almost the size of my head :)
I wanted the aran colour (white) for my Phildar Swing Jacket, but I dont think it will work :S The rustic elm (greenish) one is for my Phildar big button bolero which I will also start swatching shortly...