New Projects

As mentioned before, I am in love with Amelia Raitte's Jess Pattern and have just cast on and did a little bit of the back.

I am knitting with Heirloom Merino Magic which my dear bf bought for me . The gauge knitted up perfectly, but I am still unsure whether it was the right yarn to use (unsure if the definition of the basketweave is really there).

I will try to have progress pics up shortly :)

I have also cast on for the embroidered cardi from Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 06 which I did originally try with babywool but failed miserably as the finished object just didnt have the same drape as cotton.

This time I am actually going to use cotton - and am using Jo Sharp Soho Summer DK Cotton in a beautiful darker fuschia type colour. For the contrast, I am using heirloom cotton in white which is not the most nicest cotton to knit with, but as I was only requiring a little bit of white cotton, I picked out a cheaper one than the Jo Sharp (which yes, my dear bf bought for me again - and before you think i'm the type of girlfriend that sponges off my bf, it's actually my birthday so that's why i got so many goodies!)



12:06 PM, December 08, 2006

I like your chosen Vogue knitting - yellow small cardigan. Hope can see yr FO very soon.


4:09 PM, December 16, 2006

Your Cherry Cardigan is very nice! I think the embroidered cardi will also turn out great too!