Phildar Swing Jacket

Ever since I received my Phildar catalogues, I have been lusting over about 10 of the knits in the catalogues (*must wait till i finish other projects first!*). But one of the things that I just *cannot* stop lusting over is the Phildar Swing Jacket for which I have also joined their KAL.

My initial intention was to do the swing jacket in a lovely cream with either a pale yellow or pale purple bias trim.... when I got my bendigo wool in "aran" colour, my initial reaction was *EEK - that won't work*.. but after swatching, i've come to love it. It doesnt have the same effect as if I had used a wool with bits of rustic other colours in it, but I love the clean creamy colour and so, have decided to keep going.

I have cast on and knitted a little bit, but I know this is definitely one project that is going to take a long time to do.. lucky for me, Winter isn't for another 6-8 months !! Yayyy.

On other project news, Jess is dry but I dont have any buttons for her yet so am going to hold off on the "finished object" post until I've done the buttons. :D



7:21 AM, January 10, 2007

I found you via the Phildar KAL. Did you end up using another yarn (blue)? I'm having gauge issues and feel like throwing the entire thing out the window!!


7:14 PM, January 12, 2007

My gauge knitted up a little small but that's okay because I'm a tad smaller than the smallest size listed.

Unfortunately though, i started to knit off gauge and i'm thinking of ripping the whole thing and starting over!