Miss bossy two shoes

My sister is one of the most loveliest, sweetest, cutest people that ever roamed this earth. She's thoughtful, helpful and very considerate.

But yesterday, she got bossy.

She demanded I knit her a scarf. In red. In 12 hours.

If someone else had demanded it, I would've thumped them (and then while on the floor, I would've elbowed them a little further).

But luckily for her, she's nice. And my sister. And I found a pattern that is very quick to knit, and will be done in less than no time.

I'm using my leftover Bendigo Woollen Mills 5 ply in Cranberry from my Cranberry Rose Cardigan (which she has also stolen and made her own). I hate this yarn. Because of it's crepe construction, it knits up ugly, and roughly. But she likes it, and I have it, so it'll do...



11:45 PM, October 05, 2008

You are a very loving and wonderful sister! And think of it this way...you're getting rid of yarn you don't like! Win Win!