Finished: Bainbridge Scarf

A finished red scarf for my sister - something she's been asking for for a million years, and has finally eventuated.

Project Details

Pattern:Bainbridge scarf by Minty Fresh, available here

Yarn: I barely used anything of the 2/3 ball of Bendigo Woollen Mills Colonial 5 ply that I had left over from my Cranberry Rose Cardigan. I could probably make another 5 scarves with what I have left in my yarn ball!

I'm sure Ive mentioned it before but I don't like the yarn at all. The crepe construction leaves a very rough looking finished surface, and knits up pretty ugly. Additionally, it's a little itchy and very unsoft to touch. I won't ever buy this again unless I was knitting something to be felted or requires a bit more texture , sturdiness and roughness.

Needles: I used 4.00mm 16" circulars. The pattern (and yarn) recommends 3.75mm needles to get a gauge of 6st/inch but I lost one of my 3.75 needle connectors so had to make do.

Comments and Modifications: None. A very easy, quick project that creates a cute preppy style FO. A great stash buster, and something I'd definitely make again in future.



9:56 AM, October 07, 2008

nice scarf to yr sister, and it is cute of the string knot.


11:26 AM, October 07, 2008

Cute scarf! So nice of you to make it for your sister so quickly. It's a lovely colour! Thanks for the heads up about the yarn, I've never used that one before.

And thank you for your comment on my blog!