Amateur draftsman

Having renewed my interest in sewing, I enrolled and attended my first dressmaking/patternmaking class on Tuesday night. I intended to make a simple skirt from a commercial pattern that I already had, but decided that I'd much rather use it as a class to actually learn how to make my own patterns and learn the finer points of dressmaking.

And so, armed with my bee fabric and gingham, I etched up a design and took it into class. And boy was it a great class! The teacher looked at the pattern that I had attempted to draft, got rid of it and showed my the basics of pattern making. In 2.5 hours, we covered everything from the basic block form, grading a pattern (still coming to terms with it and most probably will forget by the next class) to tracing and marking out on fabric. It was so much to take in, but at the end of the class, I had my drafted pattern, and was armed with homework to pin and cut the fabric. Unfortunately my pin cushions are looking a little worse for wear..

There's a whole heap of stuff to learn, and i'm extremely excited at what this class can bring to my crafting. No longer will I have to rely on "hoping" that a commercial pattern fits, now (well, eventually) I will be able to dream of something and hopefully draft it myself!