Swatching, Swatching, Swatched!

I'm in a little bit of a bind. I'm flying off to site again tomorrow, and don't have a knitting project to take with me. Well...actually, that's a lie. I still have Lisette, Florence, and those Rippled Weave Socks, but Lisette is getting boring, Florence is overdue, and socks are just that, socks.

I love knitting sweaters because they're the most functional, but given i'm leaving tomorrow, I haven't had any time to get more yarn and consequently, am reduced to knitting from the stash. I did swatch for the beautiful James Coviello Ruffled Jacket using the lush plum colour that I bought specifically for it, but I wasn't liking the fabric created by the larger needles I was using. So, I've put that aside for now.
I then had a look in some of my patterns, and found Kid Acne's Seahorse Cami from Rowan #39 which could either come out CUTE, or DISASTROUS.

The plus side is that it's a quick knit, and I have the cotton needed for the project sitting with me but the bad side is that it's a knitted cami with a seahorse on it!? Will I wear it.. will it be a waste of yarn.. or will I actually like it? (Unfortunately, I don't sail so I'm probably not going to have much occasion to wear a seahorse cami with white pants like the model).

I know one thing though - I can't survive two weeks without a single knit stitch... !