FO: Noro Cashmere Island Scarf

Everyone knows the ubiquitous Noro Scarf that has been done by hundreds of people and still counting, so I won't go into too much depth for this post. However, after I finished my last project, I was a bit stuck on what I should knit considering that my only condition was that it had to be knit from stash. After getting some great and useful comments about the seahorse cami, I decided to leave that for another day and rummaged a bit.

Alas! I had two skeins of Noro Cashmere Island in my stash, which had been gifted to me by my secretpal 11, Genevieve. Now I must admit that I've never understood the fascination with Noro Yarns. To me, the colours were garish, the yarn (Iroha that is) a little wanting, and overpriced for what I thought it was.

However, armed with not much confidence, two skeins in hand and not much time to decide on a pattern, I went for that noro scarf. The result was a surprise, and the end FO was a very soft scarf, made from a pattern which utilises Noro's colour schemes very well.