FO: Vogue Ribbed Minidress

Eek! It's been awhile since my last FO hasn't it. I'm not really sure what i've been doing with myself. I vaguely remember starting a million and one (okay, exaggeration, more like 5) knits just before christmas, and not actually having finished any of them. *shame* Somewhere between lost knitting and crazy travel schedules, I managed to find an hour a day to finish off the vogue ribbed minidress.

Vogue Ribbed Minidress by Mari Lynn Patrick, from Vogue Knitting Spring Summer 2007. I knit the smallest size.

Yarn: I used Rowanspun 4ply, in colour Squirrel which I bought for a bargain price off Cucumberpatch. The pattern itself calls for a gauge of 24x28 so I doubled the rowanspun and managed to get stitch gauge, but my row gauge was completely off. I ended up knitting at about 24x36 which meant for a heck of a lot of maths and modification.

The yarn itself is okay to knit with , but not so fun to seam with. The rowanspun is fairly "dry" and snapped a few times while I was seaming. The colour itself is a light grey, littered with little bits of dark greys and the occasional blue. Knit up, it produces some uneven stitches, but it does give an overall interesting texture.

Needles: Denise size US 5 needles, and Addi Turbo 3.25mm for the top parts.

Comments and modifications: The pattern itself is very easy to follow, but because my gauge was completely off, I had to do a whole lot of modifications on the way and it ended up being a fairly long knit. It was well written, and I dont remember finding any mistakes in the pattern at all.

I did however feel that because the pattern was in essence, a raglan style dress, my preference would have been to knit the raglan in once piece as opposed to several pieces and then having to seam them together. This was particularly so since my gauge difference forced me to perform a million calculations.

Overall, I "like" the result, but I don't love it. I'm not sure why, but it just hasn't grabbed me. It may be the colour ( I originally wanted to do it in a dark charcoal colour), it may be my knitting itself, or it may just be that knitted dresses just aren't made for a 39 degree celcius day!