On the home stretch

I know a lot of knitters who don't enjoy seaming and who just as much loathe finishing. I'm not a great finisher, nor am I great at seaming, but I do enjoy that little home stretch towards a finished object.

Progress has been going well on the Vogue Ribbed Minidress, and I am now on the little homestretch to a new little FO. At the moment though, i'm left a bit uninspired. Having not sewn up the sides yet, my tres chic minidress is looking more sack that chic.

Additionally, some people tell me I have a lollipop head - meaning that sometimes it's too big for my body (haha i say sometimes because I go through periods where my body freaks out and does weird things). So i'm hoping that tiny little neckline will magically expand or fix itself once i've sewn up the rest of the body so that the lollipop half of me will be able to squish through.

Hopefully there will be an FO within the next day or two ! :)