Progress on Lisette

Thank you to everyone for your lovely comments about the Phildar Leaf Sweater. They always make me smile and jump a little somersault :)

Since then, there hasn't been too much knitting happening over the last two or so days. I've finished the back of my Lisette Cardigan, and I'm absolutely in love with the fabric that is being knitted up from my Rowanspun 4 ply, in Sludge.

I previously mentioned that it reminds me a lot of nut chocolate , and true to my word, I gobbled a whole packet of yummy Hershey's chocolate while knitting this. What can I say? The real life chocolate option was probably better than eating up my knitting!

The rowanspun in general is working up quite nicely. It is a very thin, brittle yarn, so you have to be fairly careful with it being caught on something but the end result is a very lightweight, tweedy fabric. I do love the colourway , Sludge, and am thinking I should stock up on it since it is a discontinued yarn ...

The pattern itself is fairly easy, with only a few counting errors being made, but nonetheless easy to fix. Kim Hargreaves writes her patterns well, but this one is a little boring. The pattern is knitted by knitting the top half of the back and front pieces, the sleeves, and then you knit the lacey part at the bottom separate and attach it on afterwards. I guess the main part is what is boring me - I'm looking forward to doing the bottom lace attachment the most! Here's another piccie of the choc-nut cardi so far... just cause I think it looks yummy.

I have also placed an order to get some yarn for the James Coviello Jacket I posted about recently, as well as a remake of the Vogue Embroidered Cardigan, which my sister has nicely requested as a Christmas present. When I made the original, I think it was the first thing I ever knitted. This time I'll at least know how to pick up stitches properly!!

I am also about to place orders for yarn for the Vogue Mini Dress, and a replacement yarn for the Bianca Cardigan but I'm a little fussed over which colour to choose!!