The end of knitting as I know it?

For the last month, I have been happily knitting away and spending hours upon hours knitting into the late night, watching tv and knitting, checking out ravelry and craftster and knitblogs, all without a single care in the world.

But, all good things come to an end. I've really enjoyed taking that month off between jobs to take time out and do the things that I love, and now that it's time to start my new job, I'm wishing that I had decided to take the three month break like I originally planned. But it's too late for wishful thinking ;)

Anyways, I had my first day of induction today and will have another two the next two days. After that, I will be flying out to site where I will be stationed out there for two weeks, before coming back home for a one week break. Tis the life of a girl who has two constants in her travel luggage - her safety boots, and her knitting.

So, with that, I shall leave you with a little picture of the site that I'm going to. It's remote, but it's beautiful nonetheless. It's apparently a great fishing spot, and after a day's work, I can go to the beach, and have a peek around - of course, this will only happen if i'm not exhausted after my day, and if the cyclones aren't ravaging the place ;)

I've discovered that I will have internet access in the "internet common room" but I'm not certain how fast or how reliable that will be, so I will just put a little note that it may be two weeks between posts, and then suddenly, a flurry of posting may occur!

Hopefully there will still be knitting :D