Almost there..

This morning in a rush of productivity, I finished up Leafy, and put her in the wash and she is now outside getting some lovely sunshine as she waits to dry off after her little swim..

I did try Leafy on before she went for her swim, and I'm a little worried. My arms are by no means big, but I found the armcyth a little tight. Not so much that my arm would turn blue, but enough for me to wonder about the effect Leafy may have on my future health. Hopefully after the swim and with a bit of final blocking, she'll fit nicely.

On other news, I've finally cast on for Lisette, whom I shall now dub the Choc-Nut Cardigan (because the yarn looks just like dark chocolate with almonds), and it's been some slow going. It's not the most exciting pattern, and it's on fingering weight again. Apologies for the most shocking photo here - the lighting was just not right today.

So, in need for some more instant gratification, I'm looking for a new pattern to start.

Up on offer ladies (and gentlemen if there are any reading!), we have got the Vogue Ribbed Mini Dress, the incredibly stunning Ruffle Jacket just completed by Treschicveronique, the ubiquitous Drops Jacket, Debbie Bliss' Juliet Cardigan or her Catriona vest/top... What shall it be ? I'm leaning towards the mini dress or the ruffle jacket.. but I'm still unsure and don't really want to have too many projects at once (i'm a faithful semi monogamist!).

Okies, off to lunch. Hope you all have a fab day!