Twinkled by Twinkle

I know I blogged about this before, but I'm so excited because when I came home this evening after my tragic day at the hairdressers (don't ask!!), the book was waiting for me. I'm so impressed by the projects - there are just so many I want to knit!!

I think my first project will be the Groovy Sweater Dress. I can't wait to knit it up, put on a pair of black tights and wear it out and about (and maybe a hat to hide that terrible haircut of mine...).

My sister has also been drooling over a fair few of the projects, so I think i'll make her something too. Maybe the little hat though, because she's not usually a fan of bulky knits so I'll start off with something small and see how she likes that.

Oh and I've discovered that on Twinkle's website, you can submit your knits. What a fantastic site for inspiration!! I'm so impressed, and so desperate to buy my yarn but it will have to wait :(

Anyways, I wish I could knit this weekend, but i'm off to see the significant other and am flying out tomorrow night. I doubt there will be much knitting done, but I will bring my Phildar Swing Jacket with me anyway. Have a great weekend :)