In love

*squeals in delight*. I have discovered that the Australian distributor for Rowan has agreed to renegotiated prices for Rowan yarns and books. Instead of the almost $50 books, Rowan books are now available for just a bit over $35 depending on where you get them from.

Having a look at The Wool Shack, I have come across Rowan 41 - unfortunately, there aren't too many things I love, but i ABSOLUTELY love this pattern :

However, reading the pattern notes, I have discovered that it is crochet :( I've never really tried crochet, and this might be completely in my mindset, but I always thought crochet = doilies and the like. But this pattern might just be enough to convince me to learn to crochet...

OR (*lightbulb*), does anyone know whether it is possible to convert crochet patterns to knitting patterns? I would love you for life!



10:50 AM, April 30, 2007

I love the crochet one, it is so Chinese style. You should learn how to crochet, it is more fun to learn so you can wear more beautiful crochet cardigan.

  Girl Kae

7:51 PM, April 30, 2007

handknit168 : ooh i didnt think about the chinese style - but i can definitely see it now!!

The problem is i've *tried* to crochet some buttons before and failed dismally so I feel like it's out of my reach!