Mittens Finished

As part of her graduation gift, my sister is off to Malaysia, Hong Kong and China next week. As you may know, China is almost freezing at the moment and my lil sister asked me if I could knit her some mittens.

So, we trekked off to the woolstore and she picked out a little skein of Panda Woolbale. She did initially fall in love with the beautiful Zara stuff, but she figured that the Panda was much cheaper and would do the same job- afterall, she will be in the snow and likely to get dirty, so she didnt want the hassle of "keeping the wool clean".

After a few false starts and trouble with getting gauge, my sister's mittens are complete:

Project Details:

Pattern: Lionbrand Mittens
Yarn: Panda Woolbale 100% Wool 8 ply
Needles: 4.0mm and 5.0mm
Comments: The pattern was easy enough to follow, but my sister's hands are in between sizes so I had to rework it so the mittens were snug. The wool itself wasn't the nicest to work with - it was rough but I suppose you get what you pay right ? :)