And it continues

I'm not the most diligent knitter. Actually, i haven't really been diligent with much in my life. I have learnt many instruments, and lost interest after a short while. I have lots of hobbies, but the projects themselves lose my interest. At the moment, I am staring in my little stash, and noticed a total of 6 unfinished projects. *sigh*.

But anyways, I came across a new pattern I want to knit. It's
Amelia Raitte's Cherry Cardigan which I have paid and downloaded the pattern for and can be accessed on the link above :

[ Amelia Raitte's Cherry Cardigan which I'm knitting!]

I've also got my yummy yarn picked out - Jo Sharp Summer Soho Cotton Dk in Currant - a delicious eggplant type colour, and am ready to start swatching.

[My yummy yarn]

It's actually the first time I've ever bought yarn that is the exact yarn called for. Hopefully this will make a difference in me actually finishing and wearing it ;)

We'll see how it goes!