Fruitful day today!

Hurrah! Cherry is almost complete - she is just out blocking and will be seamed up shortly. I also need to get some buttons for her, but I think she looks lovely :) It may actually be my first wearable sweater/cardi !!!

I have also finished mittens for my sister who is off to China for a few weeks.. so I'll post piccies up too :)

But in exciting news, it's my birthday in two weeks and my dad is getting me a couple of knitting books . Am not too sure which ones I want, but on my list are Sarah Dallas' Vintage Knits book, Nicky Epstein's two edge books, and maybe the Vogue knitting compendium... My sister is also taking me too the woolstore and I can select what I want to a certain level *OOOH*.. And my dear boyfriend and I are going away for the weekend, but as part of it, he's promised to take me knitting shopping so i'm gleefully exciting at the prospects of new wool and new books!!